Meet The Owner

Polished to Perfection was established June 2020. The company is owned and operated by Darneisha Hornsby, a local resident who was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. Darneisha inherited her grandmother’s passion for cleaning and prides herself on maintaining a clean and healthy home environment. Upon starting the company, she envisioned assisting full-time, working mothers like herself with one of their many obligations- housework.   Her mission is to help make lives easier by creating a clean home environment, allowing for more time to focus on important obligations, and also help clear the mind.

In addition to being a full-time mother, Darneisha single-handedly manages all aspects of the business including accounting, marketing, establishing business relationships, managing client base and introducing new and more effective cleaning methods. Her hands on knowledge is what sets her company apart from the competition. 


Darneisha is committed to delivering the highest quality cleaning services to her clients and making their experience at Polished to Perfection a truly unforgettable one.